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Shoutout to all you lovely people!

Welcome to Montagu Bed & Beers Hostel Innsbruck. In this colorful place we care about each other with love and respect. We invite you to be a part of our philosophy, create a caring and peaceful atmosphere amongst each other and fill our hostel with life. Come visit us and discover the best Hostel to get to know Innsbruck and its locals!


In a little country in the heart of Europe, there is a little town surrounded by mountains: Innsbruck! In one of the oldest neighborhoods of this town you can find our small Hostel. Thanks to this unique location, we are able to contribute to the flair of the city whilst offering our guests the most local experience.

You want to feel like a local with us? Get a first impression of our recommendations with our local guide to download.


Here at the hostel we now want to overcome all big and small mountains, balance all big or small inequalities of the world and expand all borders in our minds.

We feel at home in this beautiful world, love the cosmopolitan worldview and are grateful for every guest who brings the world to us.


Innsbruck, 2016. six friends and tons of lovely helpful hands created the DIY bar Montagu. Homemade drinks are served on the ground floor and downstairs at the basement, you’ll find a diverse range of cultural happenings, such as live or DJ music, poetry slams, screenings, and so on. In 2019 we widened the whole project with the hostel just above the bar.

Different creative minds worked together to create this unique sleeping style, love you guys!

Re-use your waterbottles!

Let’s think about and do something.

Sustainability is a big part of our identity and everybody can do something. So we recommend it warmly that each one of our guests thinks about their own actions in daily life. It’s the small things that can make a huge impact.
Let’s take showering: you don’t need to hang under the artificial waterfall for ages, you’ll be clean in a couple of minutes. And a biological soap has the same effect on your body than a „normal“ one, but a different effect on the environment.