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Shoutout to all you lovely people!

Wish you a warm welcome at Montagu Bed & Beers Hostel Innsbruck!
Proper holidays or just passing threw? Doesn’t matter. Our venue is a place for sleeping and arriving. Hanging after snowboarding, relaxing after skiing and connecting with people while cooking. Yearning for a drink or just don’t feel like cooking? Pass by the reception again, it’s also a local bar with a small kitchen.
So easy it is.

Get along!


— Kook

Snowboarding? Skiing? Biking? Hiking? Nightlifeing? Or just arriving?

Soon you’ll be in Innsbruck, baby, all that is just a stone’s throw away from your hostel. So, lessssgedid.

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Re-use your waterbottles!

Let’s think about and do something.

Sustainability is a big part of our identity and everybody can do something. So we recommend it warmly that each one of our guests thinks about their own actions in daily life. It’s the small things that can make a huge impact.
Let’s take showering: you don’t need to hang under the artificial waterfall for ages, you’ll be clean in a couple of minutes. And a biological soap has the same effect on your body than a „normal“ one, but a different effect on the environment.


Which courtain?

We are a collective of 6 people. Some, friends from earlier days, some, a thrown together bunch of people knowin each other since Innsbruck, ended up in friendships. But, actually we are way more than 6. There’s a crew of friends and soulmates who strengthen and support our back every day and night. Appreciated? Highly!
We’re a mixed crew of mountaingoats & skatebowlbunnies, architects & artists, hangers & adventurers, dreamers & realists, career changers & career changers, colourfuls & humans oft he world. We favour sandals over suits, bikes over bentleys and sound over silence. 6 people being glued together 24/7 doesn’t always feel like a warm footbath, but we’re pathfinders, we always find a way.

Feeling It?

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